Feature Update: Map investment to goals, manage SIP dates

A new transaction report page that allows you to mange the SIP dates and map your investments to goals easily.


We just rolled out an enhancement that gives a lot more flexibility to you.

You have a new and more powerful Transaction Page now. A lot of features that we had reserved for the support team have been opened for everyone.

That means more flexibility and more power in your hands.

Here is what this update offers you:

Manage your transactions seamlessly

All your transaction details including NAV, folio etc. are easily available through the new powerful tabular view. You can select the columns that you want to see using the column chooser and export your transactions to excel for further analysis. Sorting and searching within the transactions is enabled with a more powerful and intuitive interface.

Map Transactions to Goals

Now mapping your transactions to goals is a click away. Simply click on the Goal column, on the transaction that you want to re-map, and you shall be able to edit the mapping from the list of goals that you have.

Once you have mapped the required transactions, save these changes using the ‘Save’ button and you are done.

Now when you go to the Dashboard, your reports and goal amounts shall be refreshed as per the new mapping.

Transaction and goals
Map your investments to goals

Manage SIPs & their dates

You can also set the SIP dates as per your choice. Go to the Systematic Transactions tab, see the future SIP dates and edit as per your convenience.

You can also map the SIPs to goals. Pause/Activate/Stop SIP is available as it was earlier.

SIP Management
manage your SIPs

We have done major changes to our system architecture recently which shall allow us to bring more flexibility to you and get the new features rolled out faster. You should see us coming back with more shortly.

Thanks for your continuous support and patience. Please write to us with your thoughts and help us make Invezta better.