Feature Update: Get your capital gain statement

Tax Report for investors to help them calculate the long term and short term capital gains on investments during a given period.


We are happy to announce the launch of yet another feature.

The Tax Report for statement of capital gains.

The financial year has just ended and you would be in the process of filing your income tax. Tax Report feature comes in handy at this point and you can easily get the information on Short Term and Long Term Capital gains made during any period.

Before we get to the Capital Gains report, let’s have a look at another small change that we did to help you navigate better.

New Menu on Dashboard

We had to redo the navigation menu to allow for more links/features that we have started to come up with. Notice the greenish blue circle at the top left: the hamburger menu.

Hamburger Menu

While the top navigation bar started to become busy, we have moved the menu items beneath and they shall now be accessible by clicking the hamburger menu, shown in image above.

As you click the hamburger menu, you would see the links to various pages of the application.

Menu Items

Tax Report (Capital gains report)

The Tax Report gives you folio wise details of transactions that have attracted Long Term or Short Term Capital Gains. Summary of the capital gains at Scheme and overall level is also provided which shall be useful while you file your taxes.

Statement of capital gains on investments
Statement of capital gains on investments

Using the column chooser, you can bring in the “Asset Type” column and see the capital gains segregated by Equity and Debt mutual funds.

You have the flexibility of selecting the columns that you need to see in the report. You can drag drop columns and use the “Column Chooser” to view additional columns.

You can export this report to excel for further use.

We hope that you shall find this report useful. Please try it out and let us know your feedback.

We shall come back again with more updates on the product soon.