Feature Update: Fund Analytics is here, and it’s the most awesome one.

The FundCard is live now and mutual fund analysis has never been so easy.

Mutual fund analytics

We are back with a new feature today.

We have started rolling out the mutual fund analytics section. The fund analysis page goes live today. We call it the FundCard and you may find it as the most powerful fund analysis, ever.
Mutual fund return and peer comparison
While you browse through the fundcard, spend some time on the Skills/Style tab (for equity and hybrid schemes). The information here comes from our proprietary attribution algorithms, which compare a fund to its peer index and analyze the sources of performance and fund manager skills.

You won’t find this information, in the public domain, anywhere else, globally. That’s the power we shall keep bringing to you and keep driving better decisions for your investments.

Mutual fund attribution

The new fundcard is all ready for you. You can reach it via the menu link on your dashboard. In some time, we shall integrate the FundCard, with other pieces of the investment workflow so that you can access the fund information by just clicking from anywhere.

For now, click to go to FundCard.

We have started to bring the strength of our analytics platform, theFundoo.com, to Invezta. We are redesigning theFundoo and shall start merging the same with Invezta to get you more powerful features on fund analytics.

More analytics, more tools, more power to you… we are making it happen.

Please keep sending your love and feedback by writing to us at support@invezta.com.