Are you young? Are you old?

It's never early or late to start investing. Disciplined investing can make-up for the lost time.

Invest Anytime
It's never early or late to start investing.

There is no right age to start investing. While it’s best to inculcate the habit of disciplined savings and investment early on, one can still start if he has missed out the initial years.

Our latest MINT (Micro Investment Tale), demonstrates this concept taking the inspiration from, none other than, the legendary Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs created successful products in his first attempt as a young entrepreneur and then took charge of Apple in his later years to disrupt the world with iPhone, iPad, iPod & Mac.

Irrespective of the innings that one is playing in his/her life, one can start investing in a disciplined manner and make up for the lost time. However, the earlier one starts, the better it is, as the investments get longer time to compound and grow.

The current edition of #MINT is special because it has been contributed by, Abhinay Gupta, who is an Invezta user. It’s really exciting when you join hands with us and help in spreading the good word.

Please send us your feedback using the comment section. If you have an idea that can be crafted as a MINT (Micro Investment Tale), please let us know. We might love it, craft it and publish it with credits to you.